At Trent Hills Technical we have plenty of experience with all types of business computer systems, but we also understand that knowing your business needs is just as important.  That is why we are just as proud of our listening skills as we are of our technical ones.

Do you have questions or concerns regarding business technology?  Are your current computer systems under utilized or under performing?  Do you have technical support needs or perhaps just a computer that isn’t performing properly?  Is it time to add to or replace the technology that your business uses?  Perhaps you just want to talk or you are looking for some direction.  We at Trent Hills Technical are great listeners.  We know that before we can offer quality advice or direction, we have to understand your needs and concerns.

Once we have listened carefully to your needs, we will undertake to gain an understanding of your current business processes and how they can be supported by practical and proven technologies.  We believe that the best way for us to gain an understanding of your business is by asking the right questions of the right people – your staff.  Fancy acronyms and techno mumble jumbo aside, we will take the time to explain our assessment in a clear and concise way to ensure that everyone understands our findings.  Of course we can also include the technobabble if you like it.

Simpler Needs …

Perhaps your technical needs are more modest.  That is just fine with us.  At our core we are simple people.  We are just as comfortable helping you with a misbehaving or sluggish office computer as we are diagnosing a problem with a virtualised server.

Our Personality …

We believe our personality is what defines us.  We care and we want to help you.  We are experienced business professionals who understand the importance of confidentiality and respecting that confidentiality.

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