Sure it’s nasty cold outside today. Let’s be glad that the heat is on and it’s nice and warm inside. On days like today we should remember that the electrical grid is probably working at peak capacity and brownouts are a very real possibility. A “brownout” is a slight drop in the voltage to your home or business. Often times it is hardly noticeable to most of us and most electrical appliances will be just fine. Computers on the other hand are sensitive devices which rely on a steady and even supply of electricity in order to operate correctly. Are your computers properly protected from electrical dangers like surges, spikes, brownouts, over-voltages? Is your business backing up its critical data regularly and accurately? Does the business have a plan in place if the unfortunate and unthinkable failure happens?
We at Trent Hills Technical can help you take the worry out of your business computer systems that way you can focus on more important things like your customers. Stay warm.
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